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Car/Truck Accidents

The Law Office of James B. Miller handles all types of motor vehicle accidents. James B. Miller is an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney. He has handled numerous car accident and truck accident cases involving rear-end accidents, tractor-trailer (semi-truck) accidents, drunk/intoxicated driver accidents, intersection accidents, stop sign/traffic light accidents, crossing centerline/divider accidents, changing lanes accidents, left/right turn accidents, U-turn accidents, and police car accidents.

In order to receive monetary compensation due to a car or truck accident, the injured party needs to prove that the other party’s conduct was negligent or wilful and wanton. Common law and/or statutory law is used to prove the other party’s conduct was negligent or wilful and wanton. When prosecuting a car accident or truck accident personal injury case based on the negligent acts of another, several elements need to be proven: (1) there needs to be conduct arising from the other party’s use, operation, or maintenance of a motor vehicle that caused the injuries; (2) the other party needs to be negligent in using, operating or maintaining the motor vehicle; (3) an injury and/or damages need to have occured; and (4) there needs to be a proximate causation between the negligence and the personal injuries or damages.

The types of motor vehicle accidents that the Law Office of James B. Miller is now accepting includes:

  • Rear-end accidents
  • Tractor-trailer (semi-truck) accidents
  • Drunk/intoxicated driver accidents
  • Intersection accidents
  • Stop sign/traffic light accidents
  • Crossing centerline/divider accidents
  • Changing lanes accidents
  • Left/right turn accidents
  • U-turn accidents
  • Police car accidents

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a car accident or truck accident and want to discuss your case with the Law Office of James B. Miller, please contact our office by calling (630) 833-5367 or filling out our initial Contact Form, for a free, no obligation consultation.

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